“We may be able to substitute nuclear power for coal, and plastics for wood, and yeast for meat, and friendliness for isolation - but for phosphorus there is neither substitute nor replacement.”


"The loss of phosphorous, since that is life's bottleneck, is most serious, and it is estimated that 3,500,000 tons of phosphorous are washed from the land into the sea by the rivers each year [1958]. Since phosphorous makes up roughly one percent of living matter, that means that the potential maximum amount of land-based protoplasm decreases each year by roughly 350,000,000 tons." - Isaac Asimov, Life’s Bottleneck, 1959


Phosphorus Recovery Technology 

Schwing Bioset is now in partnership with NuReSys to bring its Struvite Recovery Technology to North America.
Nutrient Management by Schwing Bioset Schwing Bioset Struvite Recovery Cup
Be a Steward of Global Sustainability 
• Offset the dwindling supplies of worldwide phosphate reserves

• Help prevent eutrophication of sensitive waterways

• Convert your wastewater plant to a resource recovery center

Solve Plant Operation Problems 
• Avoid scaling and clogging of pipes, pumps, and in dewatering equipment

• Reduce accumulations in tanks that cause shut downs for removal
• Help your plant meet its discharge limits
Benefits of Struvite Recovery
• Improve dewaterability of biosolids by re-balancing mono and divalent cation ratios
• Create a valuable product from your waste stream
• Market the harvested product under trade name Bio-Stru®
• Harvested struvite can be marketed independently by the municipality or through Schwing Bioset's marketing channels
Technology Features
• Process can be applied on either digestate, centrate, or a combination of both
• Accommodates variable dewatering schedules as all configurations operate continuously or intermittently in batch mode
• pH adjustment and struvite precipitation are accomplished in separate vessels for stable and precise process control, which eliminates the need for addition of caustics
• Fully automated process controls
• Low operating and maintenance expenses 


 Schwing Bioset Struvite Recovery  Schwing Bioset Struvite Recovery