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Our hydraulically actuated positive displacement piston pumps are designed to transport virtually anything that can be fed into them. Equipped with either electric or diesel drives and controlled by local PLC or remote SCADA systems, these work-horses are capable of transporting tailings, slimes, slurries, pastes and other abrasive, viscous, and difficult to handle materials.

Hundreds of successful installations in the harshest operating conditions on the planet speak to the durability of Schwing Bioset piston pumps. All hydraulic switching, open loop hydraulics, electronic power control, soft-switching, and continuous flow are just some of the features found on our pumps.

Never satisfied with the status quo, we are continually pioneering new technology and new features to improve our piston pump technology. Our R&D efforts have led to numerous proprietary features found exclusively on Schwing Bioset pumps that provide our Customers with top-of-the-line performance and monitoring capabilities. Features like run-dry protection, flow measurement systems, and hydraulic ideal control circuit technology are only found on Schwing Bioset pumps.


1.  Continuous Flow (CF) – Optional independent control of each pumping cylinder allows a continuous and constant volume delivered to the pipeline to eliminate pressure transients.

2.  Poppet Valves – Optional wear resistant CPRTM materials for poppet valves provide additional service life in highly abrasive applications.  The poppet valve assembly is a streamlined design that has remain unchanged for over 30 years.  Poppet valves are ideal for sludges, slurries and pastes, and prevent material backflow into the pump.

3.  All Hydraulic Switching – Piston pumps are installed in some of the harshest environments on the planet.  All hydraulic shifting means you don’t have to rely on the performance of electronics to pump operation.

4.  Vertical and Horizontal plane pump configurations – ensure the ideal pump arrangement can be provided for your system

5.  Two-Handed maintenance controls – provide ease of servicing the pump with local controls, yet ensure staff safety by requiring hands to be free of moving components

6.  Two-Handed maintenance controls – Maintenance Minder – An additional sensor kit is included to provide additional information regarding the condition of the pump.  As the pumps operate there is inevitable wear and tear.  The Maintenance Minder system provides information as to what components in the pump are in need of repair or replacement to speed maintenance activities and



7.  Open Loop hydraulic allows all oil to return to tank to be filtered.

8.  No VFD’s are required. Variable displacement hydraulic pumps control equipment speed.

9.  Electronic Power Control (EPC) – If off-spec material causes an unexpected increase in pressure the EPC will automatically re-allocate horsepower to allow for higher operating pressures (still within delivery system limitations) and clear the pipeline to avoid costly shut downs and pipeline clean-outs.

10.  Twin motors provided for redundancy so in the event of a mechanical failure the system can continue to operate at reduced capacity and full pressure.


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