Integrated Phosphorus Management

Customer-centric integrated phosphorus management technology from NuReSys

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Schwing Bioset is proud to license the integrated phosphorus management technology developed by NuReSys in North America.

The NuReSys technology is focused on solving customer-specific phosphorus issues, as such, the technology is flexible in its configuration and can be applied in a number of combinations to solve the client’s specific needs. The process can be applied on digested sludge streams, post dewatering centrate, or even a combination of both. The produced struvite can be either sequestered in the biosolids matrix or recovered for marketing as fertilizer through Schwing Bioset marketing partners.



1.  Two-tank design optimizes process control, reduces utility consumption, and improves recovery rates.

2.  Avoid scaling and clogging of pipes, pumps, and dewatering equipment.

3.  Reduce accumulations in tanks that cause shutdowns for removal.

4.  Help your plant meet its discharge limits.

5.  Improve dewaterability of biosolids.

6.  Create a valuable and recoverable product from your waste stream.

7.  Can be used in conjunction with annamox systems.

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