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Low maintenance and cost-effective ways to load dumpsters

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Schwing Bioset offers both Container Wagons and the Augie Dumpster system for your disposal needs. Both systems offer low maintenance and cost-effective ways to evenly and automatically load dumpsters.

The Container Wagon system is a rail-mounted unitized carrier that, utilizing level and proximity sensors, will automatically index itself through the loading sequence such that the dumpster is evenly loaded. The rail system will then deliver the dumpster to the dedicated loading/unloading station for removal.


1.  Unitized carrier provides safety for operating preventing possible skate-away events.

2.  End-of-travel stops to prevent over-travel conditions.

3.  two-rail design minimizes floor obstructions to help minimize housekeeping activities

4.  When comparing to overhead conveyor and gate systems, all maintenance items are easily accessible on grade. No overhead working points for service.

5.  Any standard dumpster can be used.



The Augie system covers a standard dumpster and will evenly distribute material within the dumpster with an internally hanging conveyor. As the material reaches the desired loading level, the conveyor will transport additional material further down the length of the dumpster to the next drop point for an even loading distribution. The Augie is a permanent fixture on the dumpster and keeps the dumpster covered during transport.

1.  Sealed and welded steel cover with hinged unload door to control water and odor

2.  Leveling screw provides optimum container filling.

3.  Electrical level indicator to signal when the dumpster is full.

4.  Stub connections for easy connection to the plant air collection system.

5.  Fully enclosed for odor control and protection from the elements.


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