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Providing a low-cost method to store large volumes of material, our sliding frames are a versatile technology that can be applied in truck loading, receiving, or intermediate equalization storage applications.

The sliding frame discharger is an ellipse-shaped frame that lays on the floor of a flat-bottom silo and is actuated by a hydraulic power unit. The frame sweeps across the floor and disrupts any material bridging that may occur allowing the stored product to be removed from the silo.

Commonly designed for round silos, sliding frames can also be applied to rectangular bunkers and provided in a rectangular shape. In this configuration, an array of push floors cover the bunker floor to prevent material bridging and feed material to the extraction point.


1.  Vertical Side Walls: No tapered wall means no material bridging. Storage capacity is increased and overall height is minimized when compared to traditional live bottoms and gravity feed bins with conical discharge cones. This is especially important when installing intermediate storage capacity indoors.

2.   Simple Maintenance: The stuffing box and oil filters are the only items requiring regular maintenance. These are easily accessible from outside the silo. No spur gears or heavy-duty gearboxes to maintain as with traditional live bottom hoppers.

3.  Multiple Unloading Points: The versatility of a flat bottom sliding frame silo enables the system to be easily designed with multiple outlets if necessary to load hauling trailers in multiple locations for even loading or feed multiple pumps for duty/standby redundancy.

4.  Structural Design Efficiency: Round silos are a more efficient structural shape that does not require the external ribbing and bracing of required rectangular shapes. This means less material cost and fabrication labor contributing to the overall lower cost of ownership of sliding frame systems.

5.  First in First out: Uniform drawdown of product on a first in first out principle that does not allow rat-holing or product short-circuiting within the silo.

6.  Odor & Splash Control: Odor and material containment control are common issues in truck loading operations as the material is dropped from heights into trailers. Schwing Bioset offers hoods to cover trailers that odor control ducting can be connected to and collect odorous air displaced within the trailers as well as contain the unavoidable material splatter.


For the rare occasion a Sliding Frame or Push Floor system is not appropriate for the solids handling system, Schwing Bioset also offers multi-screw live bottom hopper systems. Complete with single or variable speed drives, the hoppers can be equipped with a variety of inlet and discharge configurations.


Schwing Bioset Knife Gates are built to the same high standards our customers have come to expect from our pumps.

Features of our Knife Gates:

• No roller bearings or cam followers
• Energizing spring to maintain wiper and blade seal integrity
• Hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or manual operators are available
• Available with the end of travel limit switches or linear transducers
• Carbon or stainless steel construction
• UHMW sliding bearing system

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