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Municipal Products, Mining Products & Industrial Products

Schwing Bioset is your comprehensive solutions provider for dewatering and material handling. We have the widest range of machine sizes and mobile units available for pilot testing or rental for contract operations.

Screw presses can be fully automated allowing for unattended operation, all wetted components manufactured from 304SS, and robust construction ensure your Schwing Bioset screw press will provide exemplary service.


1.  Flocculation Tank ensures complete mixing of polymer and biosolids prior to dewatering.

2.  Pneumatic Rail actuates wash ring that operates once per shift greatly reducing water requirements. Dewatering does not need to stop to run the wash cycle.

3.  Screen pore diameter decreases over the length of the machine as operations transition from thickening to dewatering.

4.  Discharge Cone is held with pneumatic cylinders to provide back pressure in screw press that enables operations staff to optimize dewatering performance.

5.  Screen cage is split allowing maintenance to be performed in place, without the need to remove the screw from the end of the machine.

6.  Sealing lip on edge of screw flight cleans the interior of the screen and allows for greater pressure to be applied to discharge cone improving performance over units that omit this seal.



Dewatering, Pumping, Treatment: The Complete Class A or B Solution

DW/RP Solution
SBI Solutions provides a complete, cost-effective Class A or B Solution as a compact, modular system with minimal setup requirements. The proven reliability of a piston pump combined with the patented Bioset process is integrated with efficient screw press dewatering capability to make this a one-stop solution to your biosolids handling needs.

RP Solution
If your plant already has a dewatering system, the base RP Solution model (piston pump and Bioset process) will turn your dewatered cake into Class A or B Biosolids.

Compact – Modular – Minimal Setup
• Plug-and-play skidded modules allow for easy retrofits into existing buildings
• Completely enclosed to eliminate fugitive emissions
• Cost-effective with low cost of ownership struck Hauling.jpg
• Long term Class A or B product stability
• Extremely easy to operate with a small footprint

End Product Solutions
Customized end-product solutions for wastewater treatment plants include:

• Turnkey equipment packages
• Operations
• Product Hauling
• End-use marketing
• Financing

For technical data such as dimensions, power supply, water supply, sludge feed type, and more, please download the brochure.

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