Dewatering and re-use marketing for Biosolids Management projects

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Revinu, a part of the Schwing America family of brands, provides a broad suite of services including operations, off-take agreements, and beneficial re-use marketing to municipalities.

Revinu’s specialized team has a proven and successful approach as demonstrated by its history of biosolids hauling and disposal, Class AA production, Mobile Dewatering, Mobile Class AA Operations, Land Management, Soil Enhancement, Fertilizer Sales and Equipment Leasing.

Schwing Bioset and Revinu can provide a vertically integrated package of products and services to municipalities that enables a Design-Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (DBOOM) model for projects. Revinu owns and operates many of the same machines and technologies as Schwing, with the added expertise that comes with the distribution of over one million wet tons of Class AA/EQ material.

Revinu is ideal for:

  • Sod grasses
  • Golf courses
  • Lawn & gardens
  • Citrus fruits & vegetables

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