New Piston Pumps Help Stabilize Metro Sewerage District Incinerator Operations


Written by Tom Welch

Version also published in TPO Magazine, March 2021


Piston pumps are used to feed dewatered cake solids to the incinerators at the Metropolitan Sewerage District of Buncombe County, North Carolina, located in Asheville, NC. The original pumps were supplied in 1993 and were sequentially replaced in 2005 and 2007. Due to the growth experienced in the area over nearly 30 years and the continued projected population increase, the pump capacity had to be nearly doubled in the most recent expansion.

With nearly three decades of exemplary performance for the MSD, Schwing Bioset was again selected to provide the cake pumping equipment package and has recently supplied new KSP 17 piston pumps to feed the dewatered cake solids to the incinerators. The package has performed well for the wastewater plant.

The package included upsized feed hoppers with a delivery piping and actuated ball valve system that can feed either the incinerator or be bypassed to truck loading. To reduce pressure in the pipeline, Schwing Bioset’s proprietary pipeline lubrication design was incorporated to reduce line pressure, extend wear part lives, and minimize the power draw of the hydraulic power pack.

The original pumps had a single discharge line feeding the incinerators. The new pumps were delivered with a unique dual discharge system that splits the flow leaving the pump and enables the incinerator to be fed from multiple locations to stabilize incinerator operations. To accommodate EPA regulations, Schwing Bioset also provided its patented Sludge Flow Measuring System that measures pump output to within +/- 5% of the feed going to the incinerator.


Schwing Bioset Piston Pump   Schwing Bioset Power Pack


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