Dewatering with a Screw Press at Upper Sandusky WWTP


Written by Eric Wanstrom


The city of Upper Sandusky, Ohio, operates a wastewater treatment plant that processes roughly two million gallons per day. The plant had historically aerobically digested their biosolids and dewatered them to approximately 10% dry solids content using drying beds. Due to the age of the drying beds, the hauling costs were continually increasing, which was creating a burden not only in expenses, but also on personnel time to keep the beds functioning.

Upper Sandusky began a search to identify new dewatering methods that could replace the aging drying beds. While exploring several technologies and performing multiple pilot studies to determine the best technology, not only from a performance standpoint, but also considering ease of use and maintenance requirements, screw presses were determined to be the preferred technology.

Schwing Bioset was invited to run our screw press pilot, which proved quite successful, with cake results exceeding 20% dry solids. Plant staff were also impressed with the quality of construction and the ease of use of the machine.

Schwing Bioset equipment was chosen as the best value and was selected as the basis of design for the new dewatering building. The new FSP603 screw press will produce over 80% dryer cake than old drying beds, reduce the city’s hauling and disposal costs substantially as a result of the increased solids content produced, and reduce the amount of labor required by city staff.

Schwing Bioset FSP603 Screw Press  Schwing Bioset FSP 603 Screw Press

The Schwing Bioset screw press provides a state-of-the-art solution for wastewater plants and consulting engineers looking to improve their dewatering process. Offering the widest range of model sizes available on the market, our screw presses also come with a wide range of features designed specifically with the wastewater treatment plant operator in mind.

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