Two Versatile Schwing Bioset Solutions for Solids Handling

For over 30 years, Schwing Bioset has been solving the toughest challenges in solids handling. And, while we are widely known for our piston pumps, class A biosolids treatment, and dewatering solutions, we also provide several other products to accompany our most popular. Two of our most versatile solutions include our sliding frames for solids storage and our conveyors for solids transport.


Sliding Frame Silos

Schwing Bioset supplies a proven line of sliding frame silo and push floor storage handling systems, which provide a framework for solids storage ranging from truck loading and receiving, to intermediate storage. Available in circular or rectangular designs, sliding frames and push floors provide a low-cost method to store both large and small quantities of biosolids. The simplicity and reliability of the sliding frame technology has made this a preferred technology of wastewater treatment plants and other applications.

Schwing Bioset Sliding Frame SilosActuated by a small hydraulic power pack, the sliding frame eliminates the need for large gear boxes, spur gears, and the other maintenance-intensive components associated with traditional live bottom technology. The hydraulic drive actuates a hydraulic cylinder to move the sliding frame across the silo floor. The leading beveled edge of the sliding frame cuts underneath the biosolids and the flat surface on the interior feeds the material into the extraction screw. This process breaks any material bridging that may occur in the extraction screw feed zone.

Some features of our sliding frame and push floor technology include:

  • Vertical silo and bin walls that eliminate the potential for material bridging
  • Versatile technology that can be used not only for biosolids, but other solids as well
  • Allows for single or multiple discharge points to evenly load trailers
  • Requires minimal maintenance with nothing inside to service
  • Can be designed for any capacity

You can discover more about our Sliding Frame and Push Floor Storage Systems here.



Schwing Bioset screw conveyors are an efficient solution to collect, classify, transport, and distribute materials or unload silos. Designed for use in demanding applications and to move a wide range of materials, the high-quality conveyors we produce are available in multiple configurations to suit the challenges of every application. Available as shafted, shaftless, or with ribbon flights, screw conveyors can be configured horizontally, inclined, vertically, as a live bottom, or as a mixer, to solve any number of challenges within your plant. Schwing Bioset screw conveyors are customized with a variety of product features and options, including liners, covers, odor control, and more.

Schwing Bioset ConveyorsWith our addition of Custom Conveyor, A Division of Schwing Bioset, we now also supply trough belt conveyors and sidewall belt conveyors, specifically designed for your application. Belt conveyors are ideal for transporting municipal wastewater treatment biosolids, sludge, lime sludge, screenings, or grit. Additionally, our belt conveyors are utilized to transport sand, cement, limestone, food products, ores, wood chips, coal, gypsum, fertilizers, chemicals, and a wide range of other materials in many different industries. Our belt conveyors efficiently convey dry to semi-fluid materials and are available in a wide variety of materials and sizes. Special configurations can include shuttle, load-out plows, pivot, sandwich, and stacker designs.

You can discover more about our Conveyor Systems here.


All of us at Schwing Bioset take pride in helping our customers find the best solutions to fit their applications. Let us help you too! As always, feel free to contact one of our team members to discuss these, or any of our solutions. In the meantime, you can read about several of our projects by downloading our application reports here.


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