Slurry Pumps Rise to the Challenge of Increased Environmental Regulation

Slurry pumps have developed a great deal over the last 30 years. It has become increasingly important, especially in the United States and Canada, for mining operations to mitigate the amount of environmental damage they do to the area in which the mining work is being performed. Up until the late 60s, removing the necessary ore, and then moving on to the next job, were the only real requirements of mining corporations around the world.

However, widespread damage to the topography, wildlife, and water supplies of a number of towns and cities, led to the development of a more effective pump for slurry. Additionally, more effective binders for paste backfill were developed, and further research was conducted with regards to finding effective ways to deal with tailings disposal. The end result is that, while the more rigorous environmental requirements have made mining somewhat more complex, the impact of mining on the environment has become far less problematic.

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