Low cost method to store large volumes of material while awaiting final disposal

The Schwing sliding frame discharge system, located in the bottom of the silo, allows for metered unloading into trucks or a Schwing pump. Silos used for short term storage and truck loading are typically loaded by a Schwing pump located in a nearby sludge de-watering facility.

Sliding frame and push floor technology have been proven internationally on numerous bulk handling processes. Materials handled include biosolids, coal, wood chips, etc.


There are three primary roles of silos in treatment plant design:


1. The silo can be integrated into the process stream as intermediate storage to equalize surges in solids production and subsequently meter cake to final disposal.

2. The silo can be used for truck loading. The volume of the storage silo dictates the plant's flexibility in disposing the solids. 

3. The silo can be used to accept foreign sludge hauled in from other plants as a truck receiving station. 


Schwing pumps complement the silo features by conveying cake to and/or from the silos as necessary.


   Schwing Bioset Silos and Sliding Frames    

Schwing Bioset Live Bottom Hopper

Schwing Bioset Push Floor Button