Schwing Bioset delivers more MONSTER pumps

January 2008

Six KSP 220 piston pumps with 450kW (600 hp) power packs will travel across the 2008 “ice road” to Lac de Gras, a diamond mine operated by Diavik situated 300 km by air northeast of Yellowknife. Engineered by Golder Associates in Sudbury, ON, the KSP 220’s are designed to each deliver 185 m3/hr (815 gpm), at 90 bar (1,305 psi) pressure continuously. There are three pumping stations, each station including two pumps that are arranged in series feeding into common pipelines. The pumps are synchronized to switch at the same time and provide steady flow of material. As a critical component in the highly engineered paste plant, performance, reliability, and experience are essential to a successful mining operation making Schwing Bioset the natural choice for a pumping partner.


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