NuReSys, a Schwing Bioset Partner, is Helping to Create Valuable Products from Biowaste in Europe


NuReSys Nutrient Management

Written by Kelly Kramer

Schwing Bioset’s partner, NuReSys, has been chosen to be a key player in the European VALUEWASTE project, which is an integrated approach to urban biowaste upcycling. This project is funded by the European Union to examine numerous different ways to create value from what are otherwise waste products. Of the numerous technologies and processes evaluated for consideration to participate in the program, NuReSys technology was identified as being flexible in its design to expand applicability and was selected to participate in the study.

Because existing systems such as landfilling and incineration don’t use the millions of tons of biowaste in Europe to its full potential, several partners are coming together to bring the waste reuse project to life. NuReSys’ role is to help in developing the first complete solution to create valuable biowaste by recovering phosphate as struvite using various organic waste products from households, restaurants, and other sources.

NuReSys commissioned the equipment that will complete the program work in September of 2020, and received publicity on a local news broadcast promoting the VALUEWASTE project and the participation of NuReSys. The project started in November 2018 and will last into late 2022.

To read more about this project, visit the NuReSys website or the VALUEWASTE website, and then contact Schwing Bioset to find out how NuReSys technology can be applied within your plant to upcycle your waste.

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