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Custom Conveyor specializes in material handling solutions for municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities and general industrial applications. For nearly 30 years, Custom Conveyor has successfully worked with owners, engineers and contractors designing, manufacturing, and delivering conveying products and systems in North America and worldwide.
Since 1983, Custom Conveyor has designed, manufactured, and installed over 3,000 material handling systems to efficiently convey material. The goal at Custom Conveyor is to engineer the best solids handling solutions for each individual application with the highest quality workmanship. Our team executes this goal by utilizing extensive experience and the latest 3-D engineering tools to design the best solution.

Custom Conveyor manufactures and tests all conveyor products and systems in our own 32,000 square foot plant in Rogers, MN, for quality assurance and system compatibility. Our exceptional service after delivery ensures your Custom Conveyor product retains its optimum efficiency.
Material Handling Conveyors  Belt conveyor Custom Conveyor Schwing Bioset
We have a variety of conveyors available to fill your material handling needs, including:
  • Shaftless screw conveyors
  • Shaftless vertical conveyors
  • Shafted screw conveyors
  • Trough belt conveyors
  • Sidewall belt conveyors
  • Drag chain conveyors
  • Bucket elevators
  • Pivoting & stacking conveyors
  • Shuttle conveyors

Storage Systems Load out hoppers Custom Conveyor Schwing Bioset
Custom Conveyor is a major designer and manufacturer of conveying and transporting storage systems, specifically sludge storage and truck load-out systems. Our design uses a multi-redundant, live bottom, shaftless screw design with optional multiple load-out gates. This design permits the even-level loading of a stationary truck body of any size. And we back-up our unique, multi-redundant design with industry leading warranties.

All of our storage systems are complete with distribution conveyors for emptying product and most of our systems employ live bottoms. Live bottoms are multiple conveyors working together to move product from a larger surface area than is practical with one conveyor. Our live bottoms can also incorporate special gates for truck loading or converge to one or more conveyors to move product to another point.

Custom Conveyor’s storage systems are designed specific to your application. They may be bolted or welded construction types or a combination of both. Our storage systems are available in AISI 304 or 316 grade stainless steel or alternately carbon steel painted or hot-dipped galvanized. Storage units can be completely enclosed containers fed by conveyors or may be open-top receive containers to accept product from trucks and/or conveyors.
Custom Conveyor categorizes storage vessel types by the following method:
  • Bins
  • Silos
  • Hoppers



Augie Dumpster Augie dumpster Custom Conveyor Schwing Bioset
Custom Conveyor offers a stand-alone, self-contained, self-filling, and self-leveling, enclosed dump-bin for wastewater screenings, grit, and sludge. It is a proven clean and odor free, automatic disposal system.

The covered load-out bin uses a standard waste container (roll-off) with our uniquely designed permanent steel top cover, internal leveling screw, and internal electrical level with multiple drop points. When the roll-off container is full, the entire dumpster is loaded on a standard roll-off dumpster truck and taken to the landfill with no odor or leakage in transit. The covered load-out dumpster design is adaptable for a single or multiple container system. Custom Conveyor's automatic feeder conveyor systems are an available compliment to the bins.
Gates to Control Material Flow gates Custom Conveyor Schwing Bioset
Controlling wet product by gates and sealing it in a horizontal blade application is an engineering challenge that Custom Conveyor has met with over 30 years’ experience in gate design.

We design and manufacture gates in four basic categories. Our gates control the discharge of materials from centrifuges, hoppers, bins, silos or conveyors. The gates consist of a rigid frame mounted to the bottom of the storage, process device or conveyor. Gates may be simple slide type utilizing ultra-high density polyurethane or roller type with cam followers. Blade thickness requirements are calculated, and seal selection is based on years of empirical experience. Gates in low solids applications may incorporate drain rails to capture and drain minor leakage. They may be operated manually or with pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators.
Custom Conveyor can assist you in choosing the correct gate for your application or design and manufacture custom gates for your specific requirements. Some gate types include: 
  • QuadSealTM Hopper Gate
  • Centrifuge Drain Gate
  • Load-out/Transfer Gate
  • Bifurcated Diverter Gate 
Retrofit, Repair, and Spare Parts Service 
Custom Conveyor’s Service Team is available to service and upgrade both your existing equipment from other conveyor manufacturers as well as our own. It is a marriage of our experience, design, service, and manufacturing capabilities in all fields of material handling. We can help you with solutions to gain functionality to aging or improperly designed equipment. Very often the quick return on investment in improved efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs can be paid for out of maintenance budgets instead of having to justify capital equipment costs.
Custom Conveyor is committed to ensuring your equipment and facility is operating safely and efficiently. We can recommend and supply inventory stock for your routine maintenance program and can quickly respond to an emergency shutdown. We are also a major provider of spare parts for non-Custom Conveyor equipment. We are equipped to furnish better than original equipment replacements for most conveyors including belt, shafted & shaftless systems. This includes engineered belts, UHMW liners, and replacement spirals/screws.

For specs, case studies, or additional information on any Custom Conveyor product, please contact one of our regional sales managers.