Can your Waterbed Create Class A Material?

If you were to visit a plant using fluid bed technology, you might be expecting a warehouse full of waterbeds. You’d be wrong, of course. But what you would find is nothing short of engineering wizardry.

Schwing Bioset engineers, manufactures and installs advanced technology that can be used to process sewage and biosolids into valuable Class A material. Fluid bed technology, a hallmark of Bioset’s process, works with biosolids in a way that is multifunctional, ultra-efficient and even environmentally friendly.

Fluid bed technology can be applied to biosolids in a number of ways: drying, cooling, conditioning, classifying, and solvent removal and recovery are just a few of the possible applications.

fluid bed dryer

Fluid beds have numerous advantages over comparable technologies. The fluid bed drying system uses high thermal energy efficiency, which allows maximum performance at minimum temperatures. Because the temperatures are so low, drying biosolids using a fluid bed is extremely safe-not only for operators, but also for the environment. Furthermore, fluid beds self-cleaning, and everything in a fluid bed system is contained, so dust is limited as well.

Fluid bed processing allows for reduced consumption of energy and utilities, but doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of performance. With a fluid bed, drying, cooling and/or conditioning steps can be combined in one unit. If space is still a concern, a fluid bed is worth considering: this entire system requires minimal space for installation compared with other processing technologies, and it contains minimal internal parts-and very few moving parts-as well. Finally, the process can be completely automated and even operated unattended.

Ultimately, fluid bed technology carries numerous benefits while still resulting in improved quality and consistency for the end product. If you’re interested in learning more about fluid bed technology, contact Schwing Bioset today.

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