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At Schwing Bioset, our customers, and providing them our unwavering support, are at the forefront of everything we do. One of the ways we provide that support is through our customer training seminars, and our Training Team is excited to again offer our onsite training seminars, as well as pump and screw press factory seminars in 2022.


Service Seminars We Offer

Factory Service Seminars include our set curriculum for the KSP Pump Systems and Screw Press Systems. They are typically held at our Florida Training Center in sunny Ft. Myers, where customers will participate in classroom and hands-on training with our shop equipment. Curriculum is standardized and applicable for all customers that attend. Expect to get your hands dirty as we operate, perform maintenance, and troubleshoot common systems.

The KSP Pump Level I factory seminar covers Schwing Bioset’s KSP Pump systems’ equipment, operations, maintenance, and the basics of hydraulics. This seminar benefits anyone that works with our KSP Pump systems—whether in operations and/or maintenance.

The KSP Level II seminar takes a deeper-dive into Schwing Bioset’s KSP Pump Systems. This seminar focuses on the maintenance and troubleshooting of the KSP pump system, expands on hydraulics, and covers electrical procedures. This seminar benefits anyone that wants to learn more about troubleshooting and maintenance techniques and hydraulics.

The Screw Press seminar covers Schwing Bioset’s Screw Press Dewatering Systems. Attendees will be exposed to classroom and hands-on training, covering the equipment and its components, safety, dewatering process, operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This seminar benefits anyone that wants to learn more about the Screw Press Dewatering system, refine their skills in operations and/or maintenance, and understand the dewatering process to optimize their operations.

Our onsite Service Seminars are customized to your facility’s equipment and system, and it is conducted at your facility. Similar to our Factory Service Seminars, customers can expect classroom and hands-on training. The advantage of our onsite training is that we customize our curriculum to cover the ins-and-outs of your equipment and systems. Our Training Team works closely with you to identify and meet your training needs.


Get Signed Up Now

Our class sizes are limited, so act fast! Refer to our Service Seminar Webpage for seminar dates, information, and registration flyers. You can also get a discount if you register early! And, if your plant purchases four or more seats, you will get a guaranteed private class at our Florida Training Center.

We have developed a plan to maximize training participants’ safety while offering an effective training experience at our Florida Training Center. The safety of Schwing Bioset customers, employees, and family members continues to be a number one priority for our company. We will continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19 and provide updates if there are any changes. Attached to the training registrations are our COVID-19 Policies and Expectations, which must be signed and accepted at the time you register for the training.

Please contact Tanya ( for more information, questions, to set up a training at your facility, or to get on our waitlist.

We can’t wait to see you at one of our sessions in 2022!


Check Out Schwing Bioset’s Service Seminar Webpage

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