The Biosolids Journey

Somewhere, perhaps not far from where you are, biosolids are enriching soil and improving the land. Much of the biosolids produced in the United States are used to beneficially improve farmland, and biosolid application isn’t necessarily limited to agricultural use. Biosolids meeting the EPA’s criteria can be beneficially applied to forest land, reclamation sites, golf courses, public parks, roadsides, plant nurseries, and, in some cases, lawns and home gardens.

So biosolids can end up just about anywhere—but how do they get there? Biosolids result from the treatment and processing of sewage sludge. Biosolid processing can be a relatively simple process, especially when the right treatment system is put to work. Schwing Bioset has the treatment process down to a science, and many wastewater treatment plants prefer the Bioset process for its ease of operation, lack of dust and odor, minimal maintenance requirements, and low cost.

Systems like the Bioset process are able to turn sewage sludge into biosolids that meet the EPA’s criteria for ‘Class A’ biosolids. Class A biosolids are safe for land application—even land that is used to grow food. Once the biosolids have been treated and processed, they are ready to be put to use, enriching soil with necessary nutrients.

Sometimes biosolids are sprayed onto soil surfaces, and they can be tilled or injected into the land. In a liquid state, biosolids can be applied using tractors, tank wagons, irrigation systems, or special application vehicles. As a matter of fact, biosolid land application doesn’t differ too much from the application of limestone, animal manure or commercial fertilizers (but thanks to the treatment from systems like the Bioset process, biosolids don’t smell like animal manure!).

biosolid fertilizer

All across America, soil is being conditioned and fertilized by biosolids that began as sewage sludge.

What does your town do with its sewage?

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