Schwing Bioset Releases New Struvite Recovery Technology Brochure


Written by Chuck Wanstrom, January 22, 2016 granual_cup-transparent-SBI_logo.jpg

To support its marketing efforts of the NuReSys struvite recovery technology in North America, Schwing Bioset, Inc. is pleased to release its new brochure that discusses the benefits to plant operations utilizing its technology.  The brochure also includes specific operational features and shows several possible configurations of the process which are meant to solve various issues encountered by Municipalities.

At plants utilizing anaerobic digestion, Struvite commonly forms and creates issues with pipes clogging and equipment being damaged as a result of scaling.  Additionally, tanks can accumulate Struvite, which requires periodic removal and creates an additional expense to plant operations.

“By utilizing Schwing Bioset’s Struvite recovery technology, rather than the other “one-size-fit-most” solutions currently available, these specific plant operational issues are addressed, while at the same time reducing the load of phosphorous that is returning to the head of the plant, making it easier to meet ever strict discharge limits,” said Chuck Wanstrom, Director of New Business Development at Schwing Bioset.  Coupled with the capability of recovering one of nature’s most essential and limiting nutrients to sell in the fertilizer market makes the technology appealing to a wide range of Utilities.

Solve operational issues, reduce phosphorous loads within the plant, and upcycle your waste stream to make your facility a true Resource Recovery Center – all from the name you can trust, Schwing Bioset.

Please download a copy of the new brochure now and contact us to answer any questions and see how struvite recovery may be the right solution for your plant.

Click here to visit the Struvite Recovery webpage and download the brochure.


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