Prepping for Mother Nature

The Spring months can create a host of issues for mining operations. Unpredictable weather, thawing ground, and higher than normal water tables can make a routine mining job considerably more complicated. Though careful planning goes in to most mining operations, and regulations are adhered to as much as possible, there are always unforeseen circumstances that can crop up and make problems. This is why having the proper tools on hand is vital.

When the weather is cold, having the right pump for slurry is hugely important. Separating the valuable components of the ore from the material that is unnecessary requires finesse, so that the ground remains stable and the area is not contaminated during tailings disposal. Choosing the right pump requires a clear understanding of the kind of material with which you will be working, as well as the temperature of the area, and the speed with which you will be moving the matter. These three components help determine the types of slurry pumps that will work best for your operation. More importantly, being prepared allows you to adapt to whatever Mother Nature sends your way, ensuring that you can continue your operations come rain, snow, or shine.

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