Hudson River Dredging Project Concludes


Written by Eric Wanstrom, November 13, 2015

Schwing Bioset would like to congratulate GE and The Shaw Group, Inc. on the successful completion of the dredging operations on the historic Hudson River dredging project. The $2 billion project was the largest of its kind in the US, spanning six seasons with crews working 24 hours a day, six days a week, dredging over 2.75 million cubic yards of sediment and removing 310,000 pounds of PCBs from the upper Hudson River.   The sediment was transported by barge to the treatment and transport facility near Hudson Falls, NY.

Schwing Bioset is pleased to have provided the custom container handling systems installed in the sediment dewatering building at the treatment and transport facility.  A unique installation due to the application, the 12 container handling units were custom designed to handle the roughly 60 ton drop of dewatered sediment from the dewatering plate and frame presses.  The automated system safely transported the containers to the truck pickup point without the need for any additional manpower, ensuring PCBs did not migrate from the site.

Schwing Bioset Custom Container Handling System

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