Screw Press Dewatering Systems fering the features you want and performance you can count on.

Screw Press Dewatering for BiosolidsSystem Highlights 


  • Automated control allow for unattended operations.
  • Long lifespan due to slow speeds and robust construction. 
  • Wetted parts are Stainless Steel. 
  • Screen casing is split to simplify screw removal and minimize footprint requirements. 
  • Perforated screen allows for tight tolerances and improved performance over wedge-wire screens. 
  • Sealing lip and screen can be replaced with screw in place. 
  • Low washwater requirements. Dewatering operations do not need to be suspended during cleaning. Cleaning cycle is typically once per day for 3 – 5 minutes. 

Your Partner in Dewatering 

    • Over 65 machines in service. 
    • Mobile pilot unit available for testing your biosolids. 
    • Widest range of unit sizes available. 
    • Includes polymer dosing and control systems for complete solutions.