Screw Press Dewatering Systems


With the widest range of machine sizes and mobile pilot units available for testing your materials, Schwing Bioset is your comprehensive solutions provider for dewatering and material handling.

Schwing Bioset Screw Press Dewateringh

System Highlights 

• Automated control allow for unattended operations.

• Long lifespan due to slow speeds and robust construction. 

• Wetted parts are Stainless Steel. 

• Screen casing is split to simplify screw removal and minimize footprint requirements. 

• Perforated screen allows for tight tolerances and improved performance over wedge-wire screens. 

• Sealing lip and screen can be replaced with screw in place. 

• Low washwater requirements. Dewatering operations do not need to be suspended during cleaning. Cleaning cycle is typically once per day for 3 – 5 minutes. 


Your Partner in Dewatering 

• Over 100 machines in service. 

• Mobile pilot unit available for testing your biosolids.
• Widest range of unit sizes available. 
• Includes polymer dosing and control systems for complete solutions. 


Schwing Bioset Screw Press  Schwing Bioset Screw Press