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Wastewater Treatment: London, Ontario

The London Greenway Pollution Control Centre ("Greenway" for short) is the main wastewater treatment facility for the city of London, Ontario. Greenway is an activated sludge plant that also receives liquid sludge trucked in from the city's other five wastewater plants. 

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Greenway dewaters the sludge and relies on a fluid bed incinerator. In 2008, the incinerator required shutdown for major overhaul that would last over three months. The city's Wastewater and Solid Waste departments are separate entities and are required to charge each other for services rendered. After determining that a prolonged incinerator shutdown would have a prohibitive cost, the Wastewater Department sought alternatives.

Schwing Bioset piston pumps were previously installed at the Greenway plant to feed the dewatered sludge to the incinerator, so plant personnel were knowledgeable about Schwing Bioset capabilities. The Bioset process was proposed to treat the dewatered sludge to beneficially reuse the biosolids as landfill cover. Representatives from the Wastewater and Solid Waste departments visited Bioset installations in Florida to observe the process and it was determined the end product would be acceptable as landfill cover at a preferable cost.

A change order was issued to the incinerator rehabilitation contractor to install the Bioset process equipment as a back-up sludge treatment train to the incinerator. The component equipment permits flexibility in the layout design that allowed the plant to use distinct idle spaces so that no new structures were needed to accommodate the installation.

The plant processed 25,000 metric tons of Bioset product between August and December 2008 while incinerator rehabilitation work was completed. The city has since returned to incinerating the biosolids, but maintains the Bioset equipment as a back-up for annual shut-down/rehabilitation work.

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Six Piston Pumps installed at L.A. Waste Water Treatment Plant

Schwing Bioset Finalizes Installation of Six Piston Pumps at Hyperion Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Los Angeles, California Without Interrupting Existing Operations.
Somerset, WI, August 10th, 2009 --- Schwing Bioset (USA), Inc. announces they are in the final stages of installing six KSP 50V(HD)XL Cake Pumps with SD 500 Screw Feeders at the Hyperion Waste Water Treatment Plan In Los Angeles, CA.
In August of 2007 Schwing Bioset was given a Notice to Proceed to construct the six KSP 50V(HD)XL Cake Pumps with SD500 Screw Feeders to replace competitive equipment that was in place. Installation of the replacement equipment had to be completed without interrupting plant operations, which required a phased installation and equipment-commissioning schedule. As of August 2009 all of the equipment was on site and being installed and commissioned.

In 1996 the City of Los Angeles competitively bid six large piston pumps each for conveying 100 gpm of biosolids at the Hyperion WWTP.  The biosolids are dewatered to an average of 32% dry solids content with required operating pressures up to 1,200 psi.  Whereas, Schwing Bioset, Inc. was not the low bidder, we were not awarded the contract.

The city experienced perpetual issues with the reliability of the pumps supplied by the low bidder affecting their ability to operate on their desired schedule.  After several unsuccessful years of trying to work out the issues with the low cost bidders equipment, the plant made the decision to abandon that equipment and replace it with equipment manufactured by Schwing Bioset. 

Dave Taylor, Senior Wastewater Treatment Operator, adds, “The confidence in the Schwing product has been illustrated by the field work performed by these Schwing team mates here at Hyperion."

About Schwing Bioset, Inc.

Schwing Biosets mission is simple, to become the market leader in the biosolids and beneficial reuse industry.  Their team of professionals has the skill and experience necessary to develop material handling solutions tailored toward the specific needs of their customers.

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