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Another Successful Schwing Bioset KSP Pump Service Seminar is Complete


Written by Kelly Kramer

May 2017

Schwing Bioset, Inc. (SBI) held its Spring KSP Pump Service Seminar from May 9 – 11 in MN/WI. The seminar was our most well-attended seminar yet and, once again, led by Schwing Bioset’s Quality Control Specialist, Jack Koehler, and Service Technician, Chris Kohnen. The seminar and training is designed for Schwing Bioset customers to expand their knowledge on how to properly use and maintain their equipment, to help ensure they get the most out of it. This spring, there were 23 customer attendees and three of Schwing Bioset’s employees who attended. The course provides 24 hours of training credits toward quality training and education for the attendee.

The first two days of training were held in the classroom and covered safety, operations, maintenance, and basic hydraulics. The third day was factory training, which provided hands-on experience where attendees train with the SBI Parts/Service and Quality Control departments, working directly with equipment to learn about its use, maintenance, and using it safely. Some of the topics discussed include hydraulics, poppet valves, power packs, schematic reading, troubleshooting, screw feeders, sludge pumps, preventative maintenance, and much more.


 DSC_0025.jpg  Schwing Bioset Pump Training


Some feedback we received from the seminar attendees include:

“Very informative and all subjects were covered well. All around fun and above what was expected.”

 “I am impressed. Schwing employees were over the top helpful and accommodating. I would find it difficult to improve the experience.”

 “The training, evening events, and professionalism of the Schwing Bioset staff was excellent!!”

“The entire seminar was great. Very knowledgeable instructors.”

“The Schwing Bioset instructors and tech’s combine the training with enjoyment. I liked all of it.”

“Great class. Great instructors. Awesome. Everything.”

“Great seminar. Jack and Chris do an awesome job and show dedication to their trade.”

“Everything was great. An awesome time.”


Schwing Bioset Pump Training  Schwing Bioset Pump Training


Schwing Bioset offers KSP Pump Service Seminars throughout the year. The next training will take place in Toronto in October 2017. Training fills up fast, so please register right away if you are interested in attending. For general inquiries or if you are interested in our Spring 2018 session in MN/WI, please email Kelly with questions or to get on the wait list.

Our Service Department is also available to come to your location and train at your facilities. If that is an option you’re interested in, please contact our Service Manager, Paul Katka, at (715) 350-6913.


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Push Floor Bin and Biosolids Pumps Help Plant Stabilize Operations


Written by Chuck Wanstrom

The City of High Point, NC, was previously pumping biosolids to an incinerator using hydraulically actuated piston pumps supplied by another manufacturer. These pumps were aging and the city couldn’t reliably obtain spare parts to support their operation. Additionally, the wastewater treatment plant occasionally struggled with operations as it didn’t have any buffering capacity for the dewatered biosolids ahead of the piston pumps. In an effort to solve the support issues with the existing equipment and stabilize operations, the city solicited bids from consulting engineering firms to update and improve their process.

The selected engineer began surveying biosolids handling systems available in the market and with input from their Client, settled on a push floor storage bin and piston pump arrangement as offered by Schwing Bioset. With over 30-years of experience in biosolids storage and conveyance, and numerous successful installations to its credit, Schwing Bioset was the logical choice to provide the design and equipment for this retrofit application.

A new push floor bunker with 60 yards of storage capacity was supplied to handle the centrifuge dewatered biosolids. Directly coupled to the bottom of the new push floor bunker are two Schwing Bioset model SD 350 screw feeders and KSP 17 piston pumps. The piston pumps have a dual-discharges that allows the biosolids flow to be split and fed into the incinerator at a total of four injection points for more efficient incinerator operations as well. If the incinerator goes down, biosolids can also discharge to a new truck loading facility.

To learn more about our pumps and push floor bins, visit our Products page, Contact Us, visit our Website, or find us on social media.


High Point Piston Pumps  High Point Truck Loading


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Schwing Bioset, Inc. Onsite University Gives Students Pump Knowledge


Written by Dan Anderson

With our legendary spring pump school right around the corner, our Service department wants to let everyone know that our school can also come to you!

Having an onsite pump training can be a great tool to help expand your staff’s knowledge of the equipment in your wastewater treatment plant or at your mine. Plus, training credits are offered.

With one of our Service Technicians as the instructor, we offer customized programs tailored to the specific equipment at your plant. Attendees will have the opportunity for hands on demonstrations and instruction, in addition to learning about pump hydraulics, poppets, rams, safety, and more.

Schwing Bioset Pump Training

Here are a few quotes from previous service school attendees:

“I would recommend anyone involved with Schwing Bioset products to take this seminar. They have super customer service and an invaluable learning tool in these seminars.”

“Very worthwhile. Would recommend to any technicians who works on Schwing Bioset pumps. I am grateful for the privilege to attend.”

“The instructors were excellent. I learned a lot and had fun doing it.”

Whether it’s at your plant or at our location, we look forward to educating you and your operators soon.

To learn more about our onsite trainings, please contact Paul Katka at or 715.247.3433.

Schwing Bioset Onsite Pump Training


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Schwing Bioset Hires Latin America Regional Sales Manager


March 9th, 2017 (Somerset, WI)

Schwing Bioset, Inc., is excited to announce the hire of Jose Luis Diaz Lopez as the new Latin America Regional Sales Manager. Jose will oversee all Latin America Sales activities, as the company seeks to expands its presence in these markets.

Jose 2.jpg

Jose has over ten years of experience in the sales of equipment and spare parts for the mining and construction markets, including Schwing Bioset equipment. With a degree Civil Engineering, his sales experience, and Schwing Bioset product knowledge, Jose will help improve the company’s market presence as it works to achieve its growth objectives.    

“Jose has extensive training and expertise with pumps and equipment in our markets and is adept at listening to the Clients’ needs and developing solutions that solve their long-term goals.  Jose is a perfect addition to our team. I have confidence that he will be able to successfully direct our sales efforts within his territory and solve the needs of our current and future customers,” said Chuck Wanstrom, Director of New Business Development.

Jose’s office location will be in Hermosillo, Mexico, and he can be contacted at +52 1 662 937 3189 or More contact information is available at

About Schwing Bioset 
For more than 25 years, Schwing Bioset has been helping wastewater treatment plants, mines, and power generation customers by engineering material handling solutions. Schwing Bioset’s custom engineered solutions can be found in hundreds of wastewater treatment plants in North American as well as mines and tunnels around the world.


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Schwing Bioset Onsite Demonstrations Help Find Solutions


Written by Dan Anderson

The past year has been full of onsite demonstrations and we are looking forward to another busy year for our demo fleet.

In 2016, we completed several successful onsite demos for solids pumping, the Bioset process for Class A Biosolids, nutrient removal/struvite recovery, and screw press dewatering.

Our demo program is a great way to see first-hand how our equipment can help your plant. Demos can run anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the needs of the plant.

Whether it is pumping material with ease, producing a beneficial re-use product, dewatering sludge efficiently, or removing unwanted nutrients to help your plant and the environment, Schwing Bioset has a vast array of knowledge, tools, and equipment to help your plant find the right solution.

For more information on our demos, please contact Chuck Wanstrom at or 715.247.3433.

Schwing Bioset Class A Biosolids Demo Unit  Schwing Bioset Screw Press Demo Unit



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Schwing Bioset Offering Two KSP Pump Training Seminars in 2017


Posted by Kelly Kramer, February 13, 2017 


The Schwing Bioset Service Team is excited to announce that we will be holding two KSP Pump Training Seminars in 2017!

Our first will be this spring from May 9-11 in Stillwater, MN and at our facility in Somerset, WI. Here attendees will join us for classroom and hands-on KSP Pump Training and learn how to properly use, maintain, and troubleshoot pump equipment. The deadline to register for the spring seminar is April 3rd.

We will also be having a seminar this fall in Toronto from October 17-19. Join us for classroom learning and hands-on demonstrations to gain an understanding of equipment, use, and safety. The deadline to register for the fall Toronto training is July 14th.  

Attendees will have the chance to learn more about basic hydraulics, poppet valves, power packs, setting pressures, screw feeders, troubleshooting, and more!

The regular cost to register is $1195, but if you register early you can receive $100 off of your registration fee. Our classes do fill up, so please reserve your spot now.  Click Here for Info on our   KSP Pump Training 

2017 Training Promo Both Dates.jpg


20151022_110017.jpg    20160512_095648.jpg


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Schwing Bioset is Exhibiting at Several Events in 2017


Schwing Bioset, Inc. is excited to be exhibiting at several conventions and expos throughout 2017. If you'd like to meet with one of our team members, please email us and we'll put you in touch with the appropriate person.

Below is a list of events that we are scheduled to attend for the coming year. We will keep this information up-to-date throughout the year.

For more than 25 years, Schwing Bioset, Inc. has been helping wastewater treatment plants, mines, and power generation customers by engineering material handling solutions. Schwing Bioset’s custom-engineered solutions can be found in hundreds of wastewater treatments plants in North America, as well as mines and tunnels around the world.

Our products include, among others, sludge, industrial, and tunnel piston pumps, screw presses, sliding frame and push floor silos, fluid bed drying products, container wagons, Bioset process equipment, phosphorus removal and struvite recovery, and soil conditioners. We also offer spare parts, equipment maintenance services, and customer pump training. 

Read about our Bioset Process and Class 'A' Biosolids, Dewatering Equipment, Pumps, and other products hereand then stop by one of our booths to learn more!





NEWEA - New England Water Enviro. Assoc.

Jan. 22-25

Boston Marriott Copley Place, Boston, MA

Michigan AWWA / NWEA Joint Expo

Feb. 7-8

Lansing Center, Lansing, MI

SME Annual Conference & Expo

Feb. 19-22

Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO

MRWA Water & WW Technical Conference

March 7

River's Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud, MN

WaterCon - AWWA Illinois Section

March 20-23

Crowne Plaza Conference Center, Springfield, IL

WEF Residuals & Biosolids Conference

April 9-10

Seattle Convention Center, Seattle, WA

Texas Water - AWWA Texas Section

April 10-13

Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX

FWRC - Florida Water Resources Conference

April 23-26

Palm Beach Conv. Center, West Palm Beach, FL

CWEA 2017 Annual Conference

April 25-28

Palm Springs Conv. Center, Palm Springs, CA

CIM 2017 Convention

Apr. 30-May 3

Palais des Congrès de Montréal, Montreal, QC

AWW & WEA Arkansas

Apr. 30-May 3

Hot Springs Conv. Center, Hot Springs, AR

Arizona Water Assoc. Annual Conference

May 3-5

Phoenix Conv. Center, Phoenix, AZ

Hawaii HWEA Biosolids Workshop

May 26-27

Manoa Grand Ballroom, Honolulu, HI

IAWEA Annual Conference

June 7

Bridge View Center, Ottumwa, IA


Sept. 11-14

Hampton Road Conv. Center, Hampton, VA


Sept. 30-Oct. 4

McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

WWOA Annual Conference

Oct. 17-20

Marriott Madison West, Middleton, WI

PNCWA 2017

Oct. 22-25

Hilton Vancouver, Vancouver, WA




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City of Orlando WWTP Utilizes Schwing Bioset Piston Pumps in Class AA Process


City of Orlando, FL, Conserv II WWTP Utilizes Schwing Bioset KSP 25 Piston Pumps in Class AA Biosolids Process

Written by Tom Welch, December 14, 2016

The City of Orlando, FL, Conserv II WWTP became aware of the Schwing Bioset process and immediately saw the potential it had to meet all of their requirements for both short and long-term implementation.  In addition, Schwing Bioset could offer conversion of the stabilized Biosolids to a licensed commercial fertilizer product.  The City staff visited current Bioset operations in Florida and were impressed with what they saw and with the simplicity of the process.  The City conducted an in-house feasibility study that considered Bioset and other technologies and concluded that Bioset was the preferred treatment process.

The current dewatering facility has four belt filter presses that discharge onto two belt conveyors that converge onto one common belt conveyor that takes the dewatered Biosolids to truck loading.  The decision was made to move away from the common belt conveyor to make the process more robust.  A KSP 25 piston pump was added at the end of each belt conveyor.  The two pumps are utilized to transfer the dewatered cake to the Bioset (Class A alkaline process).  The Bioset process also utilizes a third KSP 25 pump as the heart and soul of the system to blend the chemicals needed for the Class A process and pumps the end product into a plug flow reactor and ultimately out to two truck loading areas.  These pumps are programmed to work together to make sure that a consistent flow of Biosolids can be treated to Class A status through the reactor.

To learn more about our pumps and Bioset process, or this project specifically, contact this blog’s author, Tom Welch, and/or visit our Products page. For other inquiries, call 715.247.3433, visit our website, or find us on social media.

Schwing Bioset Piston Pump


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Sliding Frame Silos Help Treatment Plant Produce More of a Good Thing


Written by Eric Wanstrom, December 1, 2016

Ocean County Utilities Agency (OCUA) had been producing OCEANGRO fertilizer with Biosolids from their Central Treatment Plant with great success.  Currently, every bag of OCEANGRO produced is sold in the community.  Ocean County looked to increase the production of OCEANGRO to meet the increasing demand by using Biosolids from their North treatment plant.  This posed several challenges though: How would they get the Biosolids into the trucks at the North Plant?  How would they get it out of the trucks at the Central plant?  Once there, how would they blend the stream of the two differing Biosolids to make the uniform blend of material required by their Biosolids dryer? 

Ocean County Pump.jpgSchwing Bioset was able to work with Ocean County to provide a solution to the challenges of loading, receiving, and blending the Biosolids.  Schwing Bioset manufactured a custom designed storage silo with a sliding frame feeder at the North plant, designed to load trucks with Biosolids.  This silo would store the Biosolids and rapidly feed it into the trucks, but first the biosolids would have to get there from the new Belt filter presses, a distance of roughly 300 feet.  So, Schwing Bioset supplied high pressure piston pumps rated for 100 bar line pressure to pump the biosolids from the dewatering collection area to the top of the truck loading silo.

Ocean County Storage Silo.jpg

At the Central plant, there are two sliding frame silos to receive the biosolids coming from the North plant.  The sliding frames easily feed the material to the close-coupled pumps and can even push small rocks and tramp material that might make their way into the trucks or bins.  The silos are equipped with covers to contain odors from the biosolids and are large enough to each receive a full 25-ton truck load of cake.  The two storage silos provide ample capacity, allowing Operators at the Central plant to meter the North biosolids feed with the feed from the Central plant and provide a uniform blend for pressing the OCEANGRO fertilizer.

The silos give Ocean County Utilities exactly what they needed, the ability and the flexibility to process the additional biosolids from the North plant at the rate needed to keep production running smoothly at the Central plant, while accomplishing the goal of increasing the amount of biosolids beneficially re-used as OCEANGRO fertilizer.

To learn more about Sliding Frame capabilities, watch the Sliding Frame video on our website, contact a Schwing Bioset Regional Sales Manager, call 715.247.3433, or email

For further information on the project, visit this website:  




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Sliding Frame Truck Loading Reliability at Puyallup, WA, WWTP


Written by Joshua DiValentino, November 14, 2016

The City of Puyallup, WA, wastewater treatment facility has implemented a series of strategic upgrades. Significant improvements were made to the Biosolids Facility. One major long term issue was not just biosolids cake storage capability, but also consistent truck loading. The 8 MGD facility does not have a large maintenance/operations staff, so they were searching for “set-it and forget it” type equipment.

The Puyallup facility considered several options to meet their needs, including traditional live bottom systems. The more traditional options did not offer ease of use for consistent repeated truck loading without additional operator support. The traditional route was also not found to be as layout-friendly and consisted of additional moving parts, which would also require more maintenance attention. These factors increased the strain not only on the design, but also on the long-term manpower required to run a future truck loading system.   

Puyallup WWTP Sliding Frame1.jpg    Puyallup WWTP Sliding Frame2.jpg

Selection of the Schwing Bioset sliding frame is attributed to its ability to overcome many of the concerns noted above. The system offers the desired storage capacity of 170 cubic yards, as well as the loading consistency needed. A truck driver is able pull into the loading bay initiating gates to open and fill the truck at multiple points. The system is also integrated to control the metering of Biosolids into each truck and uses load cells as part of the automated loading sequence, in order to avoid overfilling and putting overweight trucks on the highway.

The Sliding Frame offers this capacity from the lowest profile design and the system’s vertical side walls maximize usable space. This profile allowed the system to be built immediately next to the solids build and still accept the conveyor feed system, which originates from a floor below.

This is all accomplished from a system with the fewest wear parts of any comparable system on the market. Only bi-annual inspection and tightening of rope packings and changing of drive system filters are required for regular maintenance. Schwing Bioset has proudly installed nearly 100 of these systems in North America, and Puyallup is the first in Washington State.

For more information on Sliding Frame capabilities, watch the Sliding Frame video on our website, contact a Schwing Bioset Regional Sales Manager, call 715.247.3433, or email


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