Second Cake Pump Increases Dewatering and Solids Handling Capacity at City of Sioux City Wastewater Treatment Plant

Escrito por Kevin Bauer

Version also published in TPO Magazine, March 2022


The plant selected a KSP-45 cake pump from Schwing Bioset to handle the increased flow.

The Sioux City, Iowa, wastewater treatment plant currently treats an average daily flow of 29 MGD. The solids processing portion of the treatment process installed in 2006 consisted of belt filter presses which fed a Schwing Bioset KSP-25 piston pump. The dewatered solids are pumped to the truck loading sliding frame silo for final disposition. As the plant flow increased over the years, increased dewatering and pumping capacity became necessary.

A capital improvement project was executed that increased the dewatering and solids handling capacity. Since the dewatering was converted from belt presses to centrifuges, the solids processing improvements also required a technology that could handle both the increase in flow and also the increase in cake solids dryness. After evaluating various pumping and conveyance technologies, the plant selected a KSP-45 cake pump from Schwing Bioset to handle the increased flow. In addition to already being familiar with piston pump technology, the cake pump has proven reliability.

The new cake pump provided by Schwing Bioset significantly increased the plants cake pump capacity while being able to handle the higher solids cake from the improved dewatering process. The second cake pump gave the system full redundancy at the current flow rate while providing capacity for future loadings. Sioux City’s decision to install a second cake pump is a testament to the technology’s performance and reliability.



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