Schwing Bioset entrega bombas GRANDES a De Beers

Enero de 2007

Two KSP 220 bombas de pistón with 600kW (800 hp) power packs are traveling across the “ice road” to Snap Lake, a diamond mine operated by De Beers in a remote region of northern Canada. Engineered by AMEC in Vancouver, BC, the KSP 220’s will be the largest piston pumps in North America delivering 135 m3/hr (600 gpm), at 85 bar (1,230 psi) pressure continuously. The piston pumps are a critical component in the highly engineered paste plant so performance, reliability, and experience were key factors during AMEC’s equipment evaluations. Schwing Bioset looks forward to being a part of De Beers first diamond mine outside of Africa, and also the first underground diamond mining operation in Canada.

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