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Recovering a Valuable Nutrient From the Wastewater Stream


Published in TPO Magazine, August 2019


Phosphate recovery technology offered by Schwing Bioset can be tailored to meet each facility’s specific operating challenges


Resource recovery is a major trend in wastewater treatment — to the task of cleaning water, facility teams are adding the capture of energy and nutrients.

One increasingly popular type of technology is the capture of phosphorus as struvite, which has market value as a fertilizer additive. One entry in that sector is Schwing Bioset, which offers a phosphate and nitrogen recovery technology under license from Belgium-based NuReSys.

The offering is unique in that it is not necessarily designed to extract revenue from nutrient capture, although that option is available. The process is designed to be tailored to each facility’s objectives in dealing with phosphate-related issues.

Besides nutrient recovery, the process has the benefits of preventing buildup of struvite scale in treatment equipment and improving dewaterability in biosolids. Wim Moerman, chief technology officer for NuReSys, and Chuck Wanstrom, director of new business development with Schwing Bioset, talked about the technology in an interview with Treatment Plant Operator.


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Nutrient Management Plant


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NuReSys Technology for Struvite Recovery to be Built in Braunschweig/Germany


WEFTEC is the perfect place to learn more about our Struvite and Phosphorus Recovery technology. Stop by the Schwing Bioset booth (Hall C, booth 1828) and talk with our Schwing Bioset and NuReSys representatives.

If we won't see you at WEFTEC, you can learn more in the press release below, by visiting our Struvite Recovery webpage, or by contacting one of our regional reps.


PRESS RELEASE  09/24/2016


NuReSys technology for struvite recovery to be built in Braunschweig/Germany.

NuReSys is proud to announce that the Municipality of Braunschweig, assisted by PFI Planungsgemeinschaft GbR regarding unbiased evaluation of the different offers, has awarded its future phosphorus recovery plant to the combination Bremer-Pro-Aqua and NuReSys. The requirements of the tender were quite challenging and therefore the solution offered had to be versatile and flexible. The flow can vary from 8 to 25m³/h and the PO4-P levels between 300 and 800 ppm. The combination offered a tailor made solution which not only takes into account the phosphate recovery but also any post and preceding processes. Dipl. Ing. Thomas Meyer from Bremer-Pro-Aqua says: "We had a first collaboration with NuReSys when back in 2006 we built a phosphorus recovery plant in Altentreptow. This was an industrial plant in the dairy sector. Also this time the collaboration with NuReSys was correct and we felt very much on the same wavelength.”

Visit us at Weftec 2016 New Orleans (26-28 Sept.)  -  Booth 1828 Hall C,  SCHWING BIOSET


Struvite Recovery               Struvite Recovery


NuReSys Nutrient Recovery Technology



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Recover Phosphorus from Waste Stream for Beneficial Reuse


Posted by Kelly Kramer

At wastewater plants utilizing anaerobic digestion, Struvite commonly forms and creates issues with pipes clogging and equipment being damaged as a result of scaling.  Additionally, tanks can accumulate Struvite, which requires periodic removal and creates an additional expense to plant operations.

Schwing Bioset Struvite Recovery Bio-Stru Product

Schwing Bioset’s Nutrient recovery system recovers Ortho Phosphate and Ammonia Nitrogen from wastewater while offering great benefits to the treatment plant, not only by significantly reducing phosphorus in the waste stream, but also preventing unwanted scaling and accumulations, and creating a valuable end product.  The phosphorus forms a stable Struvite crystal that can be marketed and sold for beneficial reuse, thus keeping excess phosphorus out of the local waterways and helping close the phosphorus recycling loop. 

The article, "The Six Natural Resources Most Drained by Our 7 Billion People," posted on The Guardian, discusses phosphorus and provides a resourceful link to learn more about this essential nutrient and it's role in food production.

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Nutrient Management Air Stripper Schwing Bioset 


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Schwing Bioset Releases New Struvite Recovery Technology Brochure


Written by Chuck Wanstrom, January 22, 2016 granual_cup-transparent-SBI_logo.jpg

To support its marketing efforts of the NuReSys struvite recovery technology in North America, Schwing Bioset, Inc. is pleased to release its new brochure that discusses the benefits to plant operations utilizing its technology.  The brochure also includes specific operational features and shows several possible configurations of the process which are meant to solve various issues encountered by Municipalities.

At plants utilizing anaerobic digestion, Struvite commonly forms and creates issues with pipes clogging and equipment being damaged as a result of scaling.  Additionally, tanks can accumulate Struvite, which requires periodic removal and creates an additional expense to plant operations.

“By utilizing Schwing Bioset’s Struvite recovery technology, rather than the other “one-size-fit-most” solutions currently available, these specific plant operational issues are addressed, while at the same time reducing the load of phosphorous that is returning to the head of the plant, making it easier to meet ever strict discharge limits,” said Chuck Wanstrom, Director of New Business Development at Schwing Bioset.  Coupled with the capability of recovering one of nature’s most essential and limiting nutrients to sell in the fertilizer market makes the technology appealing to a wide range of Utilities. 

Solve operational issues, reduce phosphorous loads within the plant, and upcycle your waste stream to make your facility a true Resource Recovery Center - all from the name you can trust, Schwing Bioset.

Please download a copy of the new brochure now and contact us to answer any questions and see how struvite recovery may be the right solution for your plant.

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About Schwing Bioset

For more than 30 years, Schwing Bioset has been helping wastewater treatment plants, mines, and power generation customers by engineering material handling solutions. Schwing Bioset’s custom engineered solutions can be found in hundreds of wastewater treatment plants in North America as well as mines and tunnels around the world.

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