Municipal Market 


Schwing Bioset, Inc. (SBI) has been serving the municipal industry since 1985 with exceptional equipment for the handling and treatment of biosolids.  For more than three decades Schwing has pioneered the concept of moving materials through a pipeline.  This technology was originally developed and successfully applied to concrete pumping using a twin cylinder, all-hydraulic piston pump.  This same basic design has proven very effective conveying a myriad of materials through a pipeline including biosolids in municipal applications worldwide.

Today Schwing Bioset is the recognized leader in biosolids pump technology.  Schwing Bioset units pump biological slurries with up to 56% solids. Many Schwing Bioset units have operated continuously for years with 99% availability. 

Schwing Bioset offers dewatering with a high performance screw press that is available in 15 different model sizes, piston pumps for cake transfer, sliding frames and live bottoms for cake storage, screw conveyors, knife gates, and container wagons.

SBI also offers two Class A technologies. The Bioset process, which is an alkaline stabilization technology that contains dust and odors, is available in mobile as well as permanently installed units. The Bioset process has been approved through the USEPA PFRP process to operate at lower temperatures than noted in the 503 regulations further reducing its already low operating costs. Also offered is Fluid Bed Drying which is a thermally efficient method to produce virtually dust free granular pellets that can use a variety of waste heat sources from within a plant.

We are your one-stop-shop for biosolids handling and management solutions. Visit any large wastewater treatment plant in the United States or Canada and you're likely to find either Schwing Bioset piston pumps or sliding structures manuipulating the dewatered biosolids. We provide the best market options for municipalities in terms of reliability, safety, ease of operation, consistent results, and cost.


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