Clam Shell Coupler Installation Tips

When it comes to installing clam shell couplers on a Schwing Bioset SD350HD, it’s important to install the shells with the threaded holes on the inner side first so that everything can be bolted from the outside. Once the inner half is installed on the shaft, 4×4 will fit perfectly between the one half shell and the stub shafts to hold everything together. Then the outer shell can be installed.

On the next shaft, install the next inner shell by feeding it from the bottom up, set it in place, and then place a 2×4 between the two inner shells. It should fit perfectly. Everything will be held in place while the outer shells are installed. Also, it helps to use a straight edge for lining up the keyways on the two shafts, because if these are not lined up perfe

Note: You can never use too much anti seize on these parts.ctly, the half shells will not go on the shafts.

You can see if the shells are all the way engaged onto the shaft’s keyways before bolting everything together by using the top opening of the one-to-one gearbox. Since these pieces are very heavy, it also helps to screw a bolt into the threaded hole on the inner shell after slipping it in from the bottom for something to grab a hold of! 

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