Application Report #13 (Mining Pumps)


Prior to the early 1980s, if poor soil conditions prevented a mining operation from safely accessing a rich vein of ore, that company had little recourse but to abandon the area in question and lose the ore contained within. Today, however, techniques such as underhand cut and fill mining, in which cemented mill tailings are used to backfill the mined-out stope, allowing subsequent stopes to be cut beneath previously mined areas, have established themselves as a viable alternative for working in such conditions.

As a result, many companies are pulling high quality ore from areas once viewed as unreachable. Montana's Stillwater Mining Company has been successfully employing this approach for more than a decade, and with the help of a KSP 80H(K)R pump from Schwing Bioset to deliver the paste for that process, has literally 'gone where no man has gone before.'