Application Report #8 (Bioset)


Stewartstown Borough's WWTP gets big-time results

Almost everything about the Stewartstown Borough’s WWTP speaks to its diminutive size. Though it’s located on 20+ acres, the facility itself occupies a footprint of less than an acre. What the plant lacks in size, capacity and cost, however, it more than makes up for in overall performance. In fact, since expanding, the facility has improved the quality of water being discharged into nearby Ebaugh Creek and, with the help of a Schwing Bioset system, creates better than 120 dry-tons per year of Class ‘A’ Biosolids—all of which is used by area farmers.

Learn how the Stewartstown Borough WWTP could be the poster-child for today's economy and efficiency.



Schwing Bioset - WWTP in Stewartstown PA