Hydraulic Switching 

Whether it is exposure to moisture, corrosive elements, weather elements, or other challenging conditions, Schwing Bioset pumps are located in some of the harshest working environments on the planet; it is these environments where electronic devices tend to be the first to fail. For this reason all Schwing Bioset pumps are built with hydraulic switching as a standard feature.

Water Box Safety Switch

Hardened Poppets 

Two versions of poppet valve disc and seat wear parts are available. Standard parts are case hardened to HRc 55 and they are suitable for most applications. For high pressure and highly abrasive applications a proprietary CPR alloy that offers extended life is available. This CPR alloy contains a high content of chromium and tungsten and has a hardness ranging from 60-64 HRc .

Hydraulic Power Pack 


Schwing Bioset's mining pumps are operated via a hydraulic power pack and controlled by variable displacement hydraulic pumps. No VFD's are required for Schwing Bioset pumping systems as the pump speed is controlled by the variable displacement of the hydraulic pump. In fact, the pumps are even switched hydraulically which has proven over the years to be an extremely reliable design, especially since the piston pumps are typically installed in harsh wastewater plant environments.

Control Panel