Application Report #25 (Screw Press & Bioset Process)


Effective wastewater treatment is predicated on equal parts science and planning. The science element of
that premise includes keeping abreast of the latest technology to best manage both the treatment and
disposal of biosolids. For the Sangamon County (Illinois) Water Reclamation District, that has meant
rethinking its approach to biosolids, particularly in the area of dewatering prior to land application.

Once solely dependent upon liquid applying its Class B byproduct, the District’s Sugar Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility recently upgraded its process to include a pair of fully-automated screw presses and a Class B alkaline stabilization system from Schwing Bioset, Inc. Today, with a viable option to that liquid process in place, the plant is generating more than 17,000 lbs. of Class B cake monthly, and has peace of mind that its biosolids effort is poised for future growth.


ApplicationReport #25 Springfield Sugar Creek