About Sliding Frame Silos

Schwing Bioset Sliding Frame Silos

Similar to the Push Floor, Schwing Bioset's unique Sliding Frame Silo design provides for a low cost method to store a large volume of material while awaiting final disposal. The SBI sliding frame discharge system is installed on the floor of the silo and allows for metered unloading into trucks or an SBI pump. Biosolids are typically pumped into the silos using the proven Schwing Bioset piston pump.


Sliding frame silos serve three primary roles in wastewater treatment plants:

1. Silos can be used to provide intermediate storage in the process streams enabling surges in solids production to be equalized.

2. Silos can also be used for truck loading.

3. Silos can be used as truck receiving stations to accept biosolids hauled in from other WWTP's.

The Sliding Frame Silo is a simple machine consisting of either one or two hydraulic cylinders which actuate an elliptical frame across the silo floor. The frames action breaks any bridging that may occur over the extraction screw and also serves to push and pull the material towards the silo center for discharge. The biosolids are then fed into a metering screw conveyor or twin screw feeder for discharge.

Sky is the Limit: Schwing Bioset has supplied over 100 sliding frame and push floors to clients with a wide variety of unique requirements. The simplicity of operating and maintaining the sliding frame with the flexibility it affords in design makes sliding frame technology the clear choice when handling biosolids.


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slide frame silos

Vertical Side WallsNo tapered wall means no material bridging. Storage capacity is increased and overall height is minimized when compared to traditional live bottoms and gravity feed bins with conical discharge cones. This is especially important when installing intermediate storage capacity indoors.
schwing bioset silos vertical side walls


Simple MaintenanceThe stuffing box and oil filters are the only items requiring regular maintenance. These are easily accessible from outside the silo. No spur gears or heavy duty gear boxes to maintain as with traditional live bottom hoppers.
Schwing Bioset silo maintenance


Minimal FootprintTypical stroke length is only three feet. In applications where multiple silos are located in close proximity to each other the cylinders can be offset such that the silos can be located even closer together and share the same maintenance platforms.
Schwing Bioset Silos Minimal Footprint


Heat TracingSludge piping can be insulated or heat traced for use in northern climates subject to freezing.
Schwing Bioset Silo heat tracing


Shrouded DischargeBecause there are no components requiring access from under the silo as with some other technologies, the truck loading area can be shrouded to help with housekeeping and odor control. As shown in this photo, this multiple outlet silo has an odor control vent manifold coupled directly to the shroud to contain odors and any biosolids splashing.
Schwing Biost silos shrouded discharge