Features and Benefits of Push Floors


Similar to the Sliding Frame, Schwing Bioset's unique Push Floor Bunker provides a low cost method to store a large volume of material while awaiting final disposal. Typically installed as a truck receiving station, the Push Floor assembly is installed on the floor of the bunker and normally feeds a Schwing Bioset piston pump to incorporate the biosolids into the process stream.

The push floor design consists of a series of hydraulic cylinders that each actuate a push floor inside the bunker. The flights of the push floors can be oriented to convey the material to any location within the bunker for extraction as the push floors reciprocate.


Features Include:

• Vertical sidewalls that eliminate material bridging

• Vertical sidewalls maximize available storage capacity by eliminating tapered or conical sections associated with live bottom and gravity discharge systems

• Minimal height requirements as the tapered sections are eliminated increasing storage capacity

• Uniform drawdown of material on a first in, first out principle

• Greatly simplifies maintenance procedures as all serviceable components are external to silos


SCHWING Bioset  Sliding Frame - Push Floor