Application Report #9 (Mining Piston Pumps)


Pump Helps Backfilling Operation 'Fill the Gap' for Mexican Mine

Paste backfilling, the process by which a combination of tailings, water and cementitious materials are blended and used to fill voids in underground mining operations, provides a broad, impressive range of benefits. These can include an improvement in safety, the ability to make subsequent surface development possible, a sensible solution to the ever-present problem of what to do with tailings, and more.

But while creating the paste is one issue, getting it to the mine stopes— which in this case can be anywhere from 1.5 to 2 km away—is another one entirely.

Learn how a KSP 140 (HD)XL pump from Schwing Bioset helped to make that happen.

Schwing Bioset - Application Report - Mining Pumps