Schwing Poppet Valves


Schwing Bioset employs the use of a Poppet Valve on a piston pump when slurries and compressible materials are being pumped. The poppet valve isolates the pump from the pipeline at the completion of a pumping stroke and prevents material from back-flowing into the pump and decreasing its efficiency.

As the pump cycles, the cylinder that is performing a pumping stoke has its pressure Poppet open and the suction Poppet closed. The cylinder that is being charged has its pressure Poppet closed and suction Poppet open. When the pump completes its cycle, the Poppets change their position such that the open Poppets close and the closed Poppets open.

Schwing’s full line of Poppet valve pumps are capable of handling a wide range of paste outputs at varying pressures up to 1,885 psi (for higher pressure applications consult the factory).

The pumps may be configured in either the Horizontal Plane (material cylinders sharing the same horizontal plane) or, for added flexibility, in the patented Vertical Plane (material cylinders sharing the same vertical plane) depending on floor space constraints or other equipment design and layout issues.