Sludge Flow Measuring System (SFMS™)

Schwing’s patented flow measuring system operates on the principle of variable calculated filling efficiencies for each individual pumping stroke. As such the SFMS measures the volume of material pumped to within +/- 5%.


Dual Discharge

The pump may be equipped with a dual discharge. This shall allow the unit to simultaneously pump to two separate grout injection points.


Pressure Compensating

The pump may be equipped with pressure sensors in the material pipeline to prevent over-pressurization of the tunnel annulus. As the pressure in the line reaches a certain pre-determined level, the pump can be programmed to either decrease its output, or shut down.



The pump frame may be equipped with casters, complete with jacking screws, to afford the ability to roll the pump away from other equipment to either perform maintenance on the pump, or the neighboring equipment.


Air Oil Cooler  

The oil-conditioning unit that is standard on the hydraulic power packs is a Water Cooler. Optionally, when project sites are remotely located and water-cooling is not an option, the power packs may be equipped with Air Coolers.


Closed Loop Controls

Schwing can supply level and pressure sensors and the required programming logic to offer a "Closed Loop" control package that integrates the material handling system surrounding the Schwing supplied equipment.