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Schwing featured on 21st Century Business TV Series

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November 12, 2009 - CNBC                                           

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Boca Raton, FL, --- Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. announces that Schwing Bioset, Inc. will be featured on 21st Century Business.

Schwing Bioset, Inc. (SBI) was created in 2006 by spinning off the Material Handling Division of Schwing America into its own company. The new company was created to better focus on meeting the unique needs of the wastewater treatment industry. In addition, the spin off afforded Schwing Bioset, Inc. the ability to leverage its two-decades of successful wastewater treatment installations at Schwing America into an aggressive pursuit of alternative "green" solutions in the wastewater treatment industry.

In 2006, SBI opened a new 20,000 square foot engineering and manufacturing facility in Somerset, WI in order to rapidly expand its service offerings. The "Bioset Process" and Fluid Bed Drying technology are two examples of Schwing Bioset's commitment to delivering innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to the wastewater treatment industry.

SBI's Project Management and Fluid Bed Drying teams remain in their respective locations of Danbury, CT and Houston, TX. Schwing Bioset's mission is simple, to become the market leader in the biosolids  and beneficial reuse industry.

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JL Haber, Vice President of Programming at Multi Media Productions, adds, "Schwing Bioset is an exciting company with a unique mission. We are excited to have them as a guest on our program."

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Schwing Bioset featured on Fox Business News

Please be advised, due to technical difficulties experienced by the Fox Business Network the Schwing Bioset feature on 21st Century Business did not air on October 10, 2009, as scheduled. However, it will be re-aired on Saturday October 31st at 5:00 PM EST.

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Six Piston Pumps installed at L.A. Waste Water Treatment Plant

Schwing Bioset Finalizes Installation of Six Piston Pumps at Hyperion Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Los Angeles, California Without Interrupting Existing Operations.
Somerset, WI, August 10th, 2009 --- Schwing Bioset (USA), Inc. announces they are in the final stages of installing six KSP 50V(HD)XL Cake Pumps with SD 500 Screw Feeders at the Hyperion Waste Water Treatment Plan In Los Angeles, CA.
In August of 2007 Schwing Bioset was given a Notice to Proceed to construct the six KSP 50V(HD)XL Cake Pumps with SD500 Screw Feeders to replace competitive equipment that was in place. Installation of the replacement equipment had to be completed without interrupting plant operations, which required a phased installation and equipment-commissioning schedule. As of August 2009 all of the equipment was on site and being installed and commissioned.

In 1996 the City of Los Angeles competitively bid six large piston pumps each for conveying 100 gpm of biosolids at the Hyperion WWTP.  The biosolids are dewatered to an average of 32% dry solids content with required operating pressures up to 1,200 psi.  Whereas, Schwing Bioset, Inc. was not the low bidder, we were not awarded the contract.

The city experienced perpetual issues with the reliability of the pumps supplied by the low bidder affecting their ability to operate on their desired schedule.  After several unsuccessful years of trying to work out the issues with the low cost bidders equipment, the plant made the decision to abandon that equipment and replace it with equipment manufactured by Schwing Bioset. 

Dave Taylor, Senior Wastewater Treatment Operator, adds, “The confidence in the Schwing product has been illustrated by the field work performed by these Schwing team mates here at Hyperion."

About Schwing Bioset, Inc.

Schwing Biosets mission is simple, to become the market leader in the biosolids and beneficial reuse industry.  Their team of professionals has the skill and experience necessary to develop material handling solutions tailored toward the specific needs of their customers.

Please direct all media inquiries to Chuck Wanstrom, National Sales Manager, please e-mail 
wastewater pump

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West Central Wisconsin Biosolids Facility, Ellsworth, WI

April 2009

Schwing Bioset has completed start-up of a new Bioset Class A lime stabilization system at the West Central Wisconsin Biosolids Facility (WCWBF) located in Ellsworth, WI. The WCWBF serves as a regional facility for more than ten local communities offering strictly dewatering and residuals management services.
The WCWBF had an existing Class A lime system that mixed biosolids with lime and fly ash. That system was plagued by continual mechanical failures and extreme dust and odor issues for nearly the entire 10-year span it was in operation.

The WCWBF hired Town & Country Engineers of Madison, WI to review available Class A technologies and evaluate the proposals received from the short-listed vendors. After studying other Class A technologies and touring other available alkaline stabilization systems (including another technology that utilizes supplemental heat) only two proposals were solicited - a replacement of the existing system, or a Bioset system from Schwing Bioset.

The WCWBF selected the Bioset process because it offered a lower cost proposal that also:

  • Greatly reduced the volume of Class A material produced
  • Contained dust and minimized odors in the enclosed vessel
  • Provided a consistent Class A material
  • Produced a material that was free of the metal contaminants that are present in fly ash additives.

As the WCWBF has no significant up-stream storage capacity the new equipment needed to be installed and operational within one week. Schwing Bioset met this need by providing the installation and commission services with its own installation crew.
The facility is already reaping the benefits of the improved Class A product as a revenue stream. Historically the WCWBF had to pay local Contractors to have the other material removed. Now, Contractors are paying the WCWBF for the Bioset material which is being used as a substitute for agricultural lime and fertilizer.

Schwing Bioset has completed start-up of a new Bioset Class A lime stabilization system at the West Central Wisconsin Biosolids Facility (WCWBF) located in Ellsworth, WI.

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Stewartstown Installation

July 2008

Schwing Bioset is pleased to announce the start-up of the new Bioset Class A lime stabilization system at the Stewartstown STP in Stewartstown PA. Stewartstown is a growing community between York, PA and Baltimore, MD.

Like many communities, Stewartstown understands the importance of beneficial reuse but was concerned with odor issues due to the proximity of residential areas near the plant. The key features that attracted Stewartstown to the Bioset process were the odor control, dust control and the flexibility to design the equipment to fit into their existing available space. The process is fully enclosed containing odors and dust during treatment. The technology is also compact and was customized to fit in an existing garage bay, eliminating the need for additional structures or odor control equipment.

The low maintenance and operating cost along with the overall system reliability prove to be an excellent solution for Stewartstown to consistently produce a product that is safe, inexpensive, and in demand.

Stewartstown Installation

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