Application Report #6 (Piston Pumps)


Changes and upgrades are hardly a new thing at Kelowna. The treatment plant, originally constructed in 1913, has undergone any number of overhauls to keep pace with population growth in one of the most desirable areas in all of Canada.

When the most recent expansion plan is complete, the Kelowna plant will keep their original Schwing Bioset KSP 17V(K) operating as a backup role for a new Schwing Bioset KSP 45V(HD)L and SD 350 screw feeder.

Learn how this expansion:

  • Resolved what Kelowna WWTF called their “achilles heel”
  • Helped position the Kelowna WWTF to take a more sustainable approach to managing their biosolids and create a sale-able product (OgoGrow)




Schwing Bioset - Application Report - Pumps