Wet cake storage, piston pumps, fluidized bed dryers and dry granulate storage from a single manufacturer.


Schwing Bioset is a unique supplier in the wastewater market in that all the expertise required for a drying system is “in-house” and provided by Schwing Bioset. From wet cake handling silos and bins, dryer feed pumps, dust control, heating systems, condensing equipment, fans, dry granulate conveyance, dry granulate storage silos, nitrogen systems, and of course, the safest and most reliable drying system available on the market today.



Three key ‘ingredients' necessary for hazardous conditions to be present in any drying system:

1. Oxygen - Minimum threshold conditions for Oxygen concentrations for biosolids to ignite have been documented to be as low as 5%.
2. Temperature - Minimum threshold temperatures for biosolids to spontaneously ignite have been document to be as low as 115C (239F)
3. Fuel (dust)


Schwing Bioset's fluidized bed dryers operate under inert conditions as the Oxygen concentrations are held to less than 3% (typically <1%) and operates at a temperature of 85C (185F). Any dust that is generated is instantly removed from the fluid bed and captured as it passes through a cyclone.


This mode of operation allows for the fluid bed drying system to be completely automated and even operate unattended. The dryer is controlled by maintaining a constant energy balance over the dryer by monitoring the gas temperature as it exits the dryer.

Schwing Bioset Fluid Bed Dryer


As there are very few moving parts within the entire system, and the equipment used is of the highest Schwing Bioset quality, equipment availability of over 90% in any given year is possible.

Thermal Efficiency:

Utilizing heat exchange tubes submerged within the fluidized layer, the fluid bed achieves extremely high thermal efficiencies. The self cleansing action of the fluidized bed prevents the heat exchangers from becoming fouled and losing efficiency.


Additional Features: 


• Wet cake is fed directly into the fluid bed without the need for pre-conditioning the wet cake or recycling any dried biosolids.

• Low off gas requirements - equal to volume of gas that is entrained in the wet cake.

• Drying, cooling, and dry granulate storage all operate under inert conditions as off gas is used in each process before treatment.

• Final product is virtually dust free.

• 90% of dried pellets are 1-4 mm in size. No additional milling, screening, or classifying is necessary.

• Dryer can start-up and shut-down in approximately 30 minutes.