Application Report #7 (Piston Pumps)



Heavy-Duty Pumps "Take the Cake" At Detroit's Massive WWTP

The wastewater treatment process is made up of individual segments, each linked to the next, each vital to its overall effectiveness. Occasionally though, one piece of equipment has such challenging demands placed upon it that when it proves itself—and continues to do so for years—it bears mention.

Learn how a pair of Schwing Bioset KSP 110V(HD)L pumps at the Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP):

  • Take high solids-content cake from the dewatering operation to either incineration or a truck loading area
  • Pushes cake, dewatered to well over 20% dry sol- ids content more than 500 linear feet, and takes it up five stories
  • Move better than 100 wet tons of dewatered material per hour

Download the full application report to learn how the pair of pumps have improved the efficiency of incineration and haul-off operations at the plant!

 Schwing Bioset - Application Report - Pumps